Deck the halls (or closets) with sequins

Sequins are everything glam, flashy and most importantly, holiday. This season sequins have been seen in more places than ever! No longer just a dress trend, sequins now can be worn as blazers, pants or even on your finger nails! Here’s a few examples of how we’ve seen sequins on the runway:

Photo courtsey of

Woah woah, slow down. Just because you want to sparkle and shine this holiday doesn’t mean you need to stock your closet with all things adorned with shine. Unless of course you want to look like a member from the cast of Jersey Shore…

Photo courtsey of

It’s also pretty important you call your friends to be sure you don’t all show up in the same outfit like the ladies in the photo below; how embarrassing!

Photo courtsey of

Do, however, mix a little sparkle into your wardrobe by using some of these approved pieces…

Karen Kane Sequin Blazer via

I love the way the above blazer mixes black and silver sequins, perfect for a night out.

Photo courtsey of

Ah, the above pictured Miu Miu sequin clutch, need I say more?

And if you’re feeling like taking a risk: the sequin pant (pictured below).

Tamarind Sequin Pant via

Now get out there and deck the halls with a little Holiday sparkle!

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Faux Fur For the Holidays!

In the past wearing fur has been a taboo, fashion risk only attempted by the most fierce and courageous fashionistas. It takes a bold lady to rock a head-to-toe fur coat or accessorize with some cold-weather, furry accessories. However, recent trends have forecasted greater acceptance of this cozy fashion, so if you want to try it out without ending up in the middle of some harsh protest, as pictured in the images below, then take note of the following fuzzy tips.

Courtesy of - Annual National Anti-Fur Protest

Courtesy of - Tina Fey Covered in Paint Filming '30 Rock' in New York

It all started with the introduction of the fur vest. Although this item was originally hard to find, it is now readily available and manufactured in an array of colors and fur types. Pair this piece with a pair of jeans and a flowy top underneath. This ensemble can be dressed down for a day out shopping, or dressed up for a night out on the town with the girls.

Courtesy of Ella Moss 'Arabella' Faux Fur Vest

If you are not edgy enough to show off all that fur, then try a piece of clothing with just a tad bit of fur trimming. This sweater pictured below from the Urban Outfitters website is the perfect selection for the fur-phobic girl to get her faux fix. Maybe once you are comfortable with this outfit you can move on to bigger and better fur things.

Courtesy of Pins and Needles Faux Fur Collar Cardigan

Also, if you are just looking for that final touch to pull an outfit together than you can choose from any of the accessories adorned with fur below. All of these would add the perfect dosage of fur to any get-up, whether it be jeans and a casual top or a fun, new party dress.

Courtesy of Fauz Fur Accessories

Finally, if you are fully prepared to go all out with this up and coming trend then look to the following images below from the runway for your fur inspiration. A great fur jacket would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Courtesy of – Winter 2010 Fashion Trends for Women Fur Fashion

Now that you have more than enough information about how to dress in the latest furs, get out there and flaunt it.

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Boots on Boots on Boots

Boots are a must have winter accessory! They can be expensive though, so you want to make sure you wear them right, and invest in a pair that goes with your closet. Personally I suggest purchasing two pairs, one black, and the other brown/ chestnut. That way you have a pair of boots that go with practically every outfit in your closet. But there is no point in buying a pair of boots if you can’t wear them right, and it seems extremely easy for some people to wear them wrong!

One of our greatest pet peeves is when girls decide to wear Uggs with shorts. We see this on campus, sadly, all the time. I’m sorry, but if its warm enough to wear shorts, than its obviously too hot to wear Uggs! Not to mention, you look like RIDICULOUS!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Sorry Britney, we love you, but you are the worst offender of this crime (pictures above). Please stop immediately!! You can wear boots, like cowboy boots, with shorts and skirts. That is acceptable, like the picture below.

Kate Olsen, and Kate Bosworth Courtesy of

A helpful hint when wearing boots, is to wear them with skinny jeans, jeggings, or leggings. You don’t want look like you had to shove your boots on to fit over your jeans, and have a big bunched up denim mess by your knees. Here are some good examples of fashionable boots, and the right way to wear them.

Kate Moss Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Refinery29.comCourtesy of

I hope these helpful hints and pictures, help you survive during the upcoming cold winter, and stay fashionable at the same time.

Let the Boot Shopping Begin!!

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