Turtle Time!

Turtlenecks have been recently making a come back, but just don’t wear them like you used to when you were 7 years old. They are still cute if you wear them plain with jeans, but throw some flare on with it. Take risks with your turtlenecks, otherwise people will think your outfit is a snooze.

Courtesy of Victoria Secret

 Pictured above is a perfectly good turtleneck, cute enough to run errands in. But if your going out to dinner with the girls, or on a date try to dress it up. Here is an example from the runway of a dressed up turtleneck.

Courtesy of Style.com

This is probably a little extreme for most of us, but don’t worry. We will show you some simple ways todo it. We suggest wearing them with vests or jackets, or a cute high waisted skirts. He is an example from Ralph Lauren, of pairing a turtleneck with a skirt.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

This is a perfect example of a 2011 fall fashion. This outfit has fall colors, tights, and the two trends of wearing a high waisted skirt and a turtle neck. Here is another really good example of how to accessorize your turtleneck.

Courtesy of thedaybookblog.com

This is by far our favorite example of how to wear your turtlenecks. This outfit is perfection for the fall and upcoming winter. Perfect boots, tights, belt and vest to pair with this turtleneck shirt. Don’t be scared. Be adventurous with vests, and jackets and break out the tights, and booties for daytime wear.  I hope that this blog helps you out when shopping for fall sweaters. But once again, don’t continue to wear these turtlenecks like you did when you were seven. Step it up a little!

About Fashion Flops and Fixes

We are a group of Textile and Apparel Merchandising students at the University of Missouri. Our assignment is to create an interesting fashion orientated blog that captures attention.
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