Crop-top Frenzy

Want to rock the 2011 spring crop-top trend, but not exactly sure what to pair it with without looking trashy or awkward? Well here’s the perfect blog post to help you mix and match your wardrobe with the perfect crop-top, and even some tips on how to carry the trend on into the fall season.

The most important piece of this outfit is obviously the crop-top itself. Make sure to find a loose fitting top that is not too revealing. The picture below may show a little too much skin, and it winds up making the girl look like she just folded up her ordinary top in order to show off her stomach. Don’t do this.

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The looks below give you an idea of how the trend is worn on the runway. They pair simple, neutral colored tops with bold, usually high-waisted bottoms and chunky, statement accessories. However, this may be a little too adventurous for some.

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Pictured below is a more simple way to wear the trend. The crop top is paired with a simple, solid-colored, high-waisted short, and it is accessorized with a tasteful necklace in order to pull the whole outfit together. This ensemble can be worn on a fun, casual day out, and most likely would be worn with some sort of flat or tennis shoe.

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If you are looking for a more amped up and dressy getup, then the outfit pictured below is perfect for you. The brightly colored crop-top is worn with a high-waisted skirt, which can be accompanied with a tall heel or glitzy flat. With this look you are ready for a night out on the town. The only thing you are missing is some bold jewelry to pull the whole look together.

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Finally, with the cold weather right around the corner, the question everyone is asking is how to wear this trend into the fall season. The simple solution would be to just throw a sweater over any original, springtime look as pictured in the image below. Jackets or blazers are also an option to complete this look.

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Also, in order to dress for fall, add some fun wintertime accessories to your crop-top outfit such as a scarf, some boots, or some high-waisted pants. These ideas are pictured in the looks below.

Courtesy of Refinery 29, Park and Cube, and Stockholm Street Style

So now that you have some ideas, get out there, and style that crop-top with confidence.

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1 Response to Crop-top Frenzy

  1. sunnivac says:

    I`m not actually sure if I like this trend… I`m not quite sure why, I guess I just get a bit scared by trends that really only can be worn by one type of body… Maiby I should be a bit more open minded 😉

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