Fall Skirts Have Reached New Lengths

Over the years the trend in skirt length has changed drastically. It seems that the mini-skirt has never gone out of style, and now even the maxi length skirt has made a comeback through bohemian chic style. But if you’re looking for that trend that falls somewhere between those two lengths then never fear, the midi length is here. Although you may think that a skirt that hits just below the knee may have you dressed for tea time with grandma, pair this look with the right accessories, and you’ll be ready and trendy for all your fun, fall-time activities. So, throw out your original idea of a longer skirt that leaves you looking dull and ultra-conservative like the image pictured below.

Courtesy of Stylebistro.com

Choose a midi length skirt that is either fit to your body or one that is more fluid, and pair it with other fun, fall trends such as a turtleneck, over-the-knee boots, or a long chain necklace. The look below incorporates fall, neutral colors and is topped off with a pair of great, chunky heels.

Tory Burch “Doreen” Courtesy of Nordstrom.com

If you are looking for an outfit with a more casual interpretation of the trend look to the image pictured below. Dress down the skirt with a leather jacket and a pair of bold colored tights. This look is great for any on-the-go, daytime activities.

Tea Time Denim Skirt Courtesy of Freepeople.com

This trend can be worn in many different ways, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Pictured below are two more examples of the trend put together and worn on the streets.

Courtesy of Glamour Fashion at Glamour.com

Courtesy of yellclubwear.com

Try it out, and see what fun, new looks you can come up with while taking advantage of this fresh and innovative trend.

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2 Responses to Fall Skirts Have Reached New Lengths

  1. Hi, really like the blog. I do a similar blog, please read my most recent post and offer any advice on pulling in the readers.
    I worry Midis because i am not the tallest person in the world and I worry that a midi will just make me appear even shorter than I am in reality. What do you have to say about us shorter girls and wearing midis because I personally believe that this fashion do will definitely turn into a don’t if we wear it.

  2. Angela says:

    So true, with the mid length skirts its all about the accessories! Love the pictures!

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