Boots on Boots on Boots

Boots are a must have winter accessory! They can be expensive though, so you want to make sure you wear them right, and invest in a pair that goes with your closet. Personally I suggest purchasing two pairs, one black, and the other brown/ chestnut. That way you have a pair of boots that go with practically every outfit in your closet. But there is no point in buying a pair of boots if you can’t wear them right, and it seems extremely easy for some people to wear them wrong!

One of our greatest pet peeves is when girls decide to wear Uggs with shorts. We see this on campus, sadly, all the time. I’m sorry, but if its warm enough to wear shorts, than its obviously too hot to wear Uggs! Not to mention, you look like RIDICULOUS!

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Sorry Britney, we love you, but you are the worst offender of this crime (pictures above). Please stop immediately!! You can wear boots, like cowboy boots, with shorts and skirts. That is acceptable, like the picture below.

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A helpful hint when wearing boots, is to wear them with skinny jeans, jeggings, or leggings. You don’t want look like you had to shove your boots on to fit over your jeans, and have a big bunched up denim mess by your knees. Here are some good examples of fashionable boots, and the right way to wear them.

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I hope these helpful hints and pictures, help you survive during the upcoming cold winter, and stay fashionable at the same time.

Let the Boot Shopping Begin!!

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