Deck the halls (or closets) with sequins

Sequins are everything glam, flashy and most importantly, holiday. This season sequins have been seen in more places than ever! No longer just a dress trend, sequins now can be worn as blazers, pants or even on your finger nails! Here’s a few examples of how we’ve seen sequins on the runway:

Photo courtsey of

Woah woah, slow down. Just because you want to sparkle and shine this holiday doesn’t mean you need to stock your closet with all things adorned with shine. Unless of course you want to look like a member from the cast of Jersey Shore…

Photo courtsey of

It’s also pretty important you call your friends to be sure you don’t all show up in the same outfit like the ladies in the photo below; how embarrassing!

Photo courtsey of

Do, however, mix a little sparkle into your wardrobe by using some of these approved pieces…

Karen Kane Sequin Blazer via

I love the way the above blazer mixes black and silver sequins, perfect for a night out.

Photo courtsey of

Ah, the above pictured Miu Miu sequin clutch, need I say more?

And if you’re feeling like taking a risk: the sequin pant (pictured below).

Tamarind Sequin Pant via

Now get out there and deck the halls with a little Holiday sparkle!

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We are a group of Textile and Apparel Merchandising students at the University of Missouri. Our assignment is to create an interesting fashion orientated blog that captures attention.
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1 Response to Deck the halls (or closets) with sequins

  1. Angela says:

    I’m ready to sparkle n shine this holiday!
    Thank you Fashion Flops and Fixes!!

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