Faux Fur For the Holidays!

In the past wearing fur has been a taboo, fashion risk only attempted by the most fierce and courageous fashionistas. It takes a bold lady to rock a head-to-toe fur coat or accessorize with some cold-weather, furry accessories. However, recent trends have forecasted greater acceptance of this cozy fashion, so if you want to try it out without ending up in the middle of some harsh protest, as pictured in the images below, then take note of the following fuzzy tips.

Courtesy of v4a.org - Annual National Anti-Fur Protest

Courtesy of aoltv.com - Tina Fey Covered in Paint Filming '30 Rock' in New York

It all started with the introduction of the fur vest. Although this item was originally hard to find, it is now readily available and manufactured in an array of colors and fur types. Pair this piece with a pair of jeans and a flowy top underneath. This ensemble can be dressed down for a day out shopping, or dressed up for a night out on the town with the girls.

Courtesy of Nordstrom.com Ella Moss 'Arabella' Faux Fur Vest

If you are not edgy enough to show off all that fur, then try a piece of clothing with just a tad bit of fur trimming. This sweater pictured below from the Urban Outfitters website is the perfect selection for the fur-phobic girl to get her faux fix. Maybe once you are comfortable with this outfit you can move on to bigger and better fur things.

Courtesy of Urbanoutfitters.com Pins and Needles Faux Fur Collar Cardigan

Also, if you are just looking for that final touch to pull an outfit together than you can choose from any of the accessories adorned with fur below. All of these would add the perfect dosage of fur to any get-up, whether it be jeans and a casual top or a fun, new party dress.

Courtesy of Polyvore.com Fauz Fur Accessories

Finally, if you are fully prepared to go all out with this up and coming trend then look to the following images below from the runway for your fur inspiration. A great fur jacket would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Courtesy of fashionfame.com – Winter 2010 Fashion Trends for Women Fur Fashion

Now that you have more than enough information about how to dress in the latest furs, get out there and flaunt it.

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We are a group of Textile and Apparel Merchandising students at the University of Missouri. Our assignment is to create an interesting fashion orientated blog that captures attention.
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