Embrace the Lace

The 1970s are huge this fall! Which means vintage lace is making a comeback. But we want to make sure you avoid looking like a doily on grandmas end table, and too much or too elaborate lace will do such.

The catwalks for this fall were filled with lace details and garments, some of our favorite looks included…

Ermanno Scervino Spring/Summer 2012 Courtesy of Vogue.It

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Courtesy of Style.com

But the lace look is easier said than done. To much lace makes you look like a bride-to-be, or inappropriate placement makes you look trashy like Hayden Pannitere (we’re not a fan of the lace cutouts).

But you do want to get noticed in your lace! We suggest subtle details or fun colors to play up this 70s trend. Christopher Kane had some vibrant colors on the catwalk recently, but neon green lace is a big no-no for an everyday look.

Christopher Kane Spring '11 RTW Courtesy of Style.com

Instead try another, more sublte look to play up your favorite color.

BCBGMAXAZRIA courtesy of Nordstrom.com

We especially love this BCBG top because the lace trim in the front is minimal and brings the color aspect into the trend. Pair with a pair of leather leggings, and you can fully embrace the leather and lace trend!

Lace is big for fall, and you want to avoid making this fall trend look too summer-y. This skirt from Zara is a great way to do so.

Lace Skirt courtesy of Zara.com

The knee length skirt in a brown lace is a great way to incorporate this trend into your fall wardrobe. Pair it with a turtleneck and you’re good to go!

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Red October

The color red is taking over in more ways than one this fall. Are you ready for red October? Okay sorry that was a baseball reference (go Cardinals and Rangers!!). Anyway! Even if you aren’t a baseball fan you’d better get your closet ready for the excess amounts of red trends occurring now. First thing’s first; spice up your face with a little “pop o’ color”. When doing a red lip there is one thing to avoid: dark eye makeup. We don’t want you to look like a character from True Blood (pictured below),

Pam. A vampire from True Blood. Photo courtsey of trueblood.net

 or, a rock star. Unless you’re going for a “Pretty Reckless” look, keep your eye makeup subtle. Get it? Pretty Reckless is the name of Taylor Momsen’s band (pictured below).

Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen. Lead singer of the band Pretty Reckless. Photo courtsey of celebritiesheight.com

Okay okay enough with the corny references. Here’s the proper way to rock a red lip; simple eye makeup and glowing skin… as seen on two of my favorite hollywood beauties below, Cameron Diaz and Lauren Conrad.

Cameron Diaz. Lauren Conrad. Photo courtsey of trend911.com

Ahh, that’s much better.

On to red in your wardrobe: red pants. This trend was originally spotted this summer on celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Charlize Theron and Ali Larter.

Khloe Kardashian. Charlize Theron. Ali Larter. Photo courtsey of luuux.com

Made popular by the denim designer J Brand Jeans, this look is now found in stores everywhere; and more importantly, for a great price. But don’t get too excited about the trend and buy the first red pants you see in a store. Ahem… high waisted, pleated, harem pants?

 Photo courtsey of chictopia.com

That’s just all kinds of wrong. Try a more simple pant that shows off your curves; rather than giving you extra curves in awkward places (if you know what I mean).

Also, a true fashionista knows how to properly downplay a bright statement by pairing it with a more simple top and accessories. Home-girl in the photo below provides a perfect example of how to master this fashion forward look for the fall season.

Loving this look. Photo courtsey of lookbook.nu

I hope this lesson has taught you one thing: don’t be afraid of the color red, just know how to wear it without flagging the fashion police.

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Crop-top Frenzy

Want to rock the 2011 spring crop-top trend, but not exactly sure what to pair it with without looking trashy or awkward? Well here’s the perfect blog post to help you mix and match your wardrobe with the perfect crop-top, and even some tips on how to carry the trend on into the fall season.

The most important piece of this outfit is obviously the crop-top itself. Make sure to find a loose fitting top that is not too revealing. The picture below may show a little too much skin, and it winds up making the girl look like she just folded up her ordinary top in order to show off her stomach. Don’t do this.

Courtesy of curveandchaos.com

The looks below give you an idea of how the trend is worn on the runway. They pair simple, neutral colored tops with bold, usually high-waisted bottoms and chunky, statement accessories. However, this may be a little too adventurous for some.

Courtesy of buzznet.com

Pictured below is a more simple way to wear the trend. The crop top is paired with a simple, solid-colored, high-waisted short, and it is accessorized with a tasteful necklace in order to pull the whole outfit together. This ensemble can be worn on a fun, casual day out, and most likely would be worn with some sort of flat or tennis shoe.

Courtesy of lookbook.nu

If you are looking for a more amped up and dressy getup, then the outfit pictured below is perfect for you. The brightly colored crop-top is worn with a high-waisted skirt, which can be accompanied with a tall heel or glitzy flat. With this look you are ready for a night out on the town. The only thing you are missing is some bold jewelry to pull the whole look together.

Courtesy of lookbook.nu

Finally, with the cold weather right around the corner, the question everyone is asking is how to wear this trend into the fall season. The simple solution would be to just throw a sweater over any original, springtime look as pictured in the image below. Jackets or blazers are also an option to complete this look.

Courtesy of tumblr.com

Also, in order to dress for fall, add some fun wintertime accessories to your crop-top outfit such as a scarf, some boots, or some high-waisted pants. These ideas are pictured in the looks below.

Courtesy of Refinery 29, Park and Cube, and Stockholm Street Style

So now that you have some ideas, get out there, and style that crop-top with confidence.

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Turtle Time!

Turtlenecks have been recently making a come back, but just don’t wear them like you used to when you were 7 years old. They are still cute if you wear them plain with jeans, but throw some flare on with it. Take risks with your turtlenecks, otherwise people will think your outfit is a snooze.

Courtesy of Victoria Secret

 Pictured above is a perfectly good turtleneck, cute enough to run errands in. But if your going out to dinner with the girls, or on a date try to dress it up. Here is an example from the runway of a dressed up turtleneck.

Courtesy of Style.com

This is probably a little extreme for most of us, but don’t worry. We will show you some simple ways todo it. We suggest wearing them with vests or jackets, or a cute high waisted skirts. He is an example from Ralph Lauren, of pairing a turtleneck with a skirt.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

This is a perfect example of a 2011 fall fashion. This outfit has fall colors, tights, and the two trends of wearing a high waisted skirt and a turtle neck. Here is another really good example of how to accessorize your turtleneck.

Courtesy of thedaybookblog.com

This is by far our favorite example of how to wear your turtlenecks. This outfit is perfection for the fall and upcoming winter. Perfect boots, tights, belt and vest to pair with this turtleneck shirt. Don’t be scared. Be adventurous with vests, and jackets and break out the tights, and booties for daytime wear.  I hope that this blog helps you out when shopping for fall sweaters. But once again, don’t continue to wear these turtlenecks like you did when you were seven. Step it up a little!

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Gameday Gear

Saturdays around Columbia, MO are filled with tailgating, school sprit, and football. And this past Saturday we observed the overwhelmingly dull attire of Mizzou’s biggest fans. People tend to stick to thier comfort zone and don’t spice things up for gameday but, we are going to fix those football fashion flops!

Time to get rid of the bright gold, oversized sweatshirt…

and time to become a football fashionista!

We are here to give you ideas on how to incorporate falls latest trends into your gameday attire. First, while the weather is still warm we suggest a fun flowy top like this one from Anthropologie.

Freya Blouse Courtesy of Anthropologie.com

Find a fun top in your school colors and pair that with some skinny jeans, or if you are feeling like a true fashionista, pair it with some high-waisted jeans or black pants to bring out the 70s trend, which is going to be huge this fall.

As the weather gets colder, we are tempted to just keep layering on our school sweatshirts to make tailgating and the games more bearable. However, there are plenty of options to keep you warm and spirited. Might we suggest this super-cute 1960s inspired tweed jacket?

Tweed Jacket Courtesy of JCrew.com

Layer it over a simple black v-neck, or cardigan if its really cold. Throw on some chunky jewelry to round out your vintage look.

Feeling edgier? Turn heads at the game in this fabulous motorcycle jacket from Target.

Xhiliration Moto-Jacket Courtesy of Target.com

Pair that with a t-shirt (in your fave school colors), skinny jeans, and your favorite black boots and you are set for a cold November game!

Now you know how to avoid those fashion flops at the game and become a football fashionista!

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The Fierce and the Freaky… Denim Skirts

Many people use denim as their go-to item for their bottom half. The jean skirt is not as popular as it once was; however, with denim making a comeback on the runway for the upcoming seasons, we would like to show you the correct way to style this look. The only people that should be wearing the tattered, denim mini are middle school aged children. So please avoid instances like this:

Also, please avoid any acid-wash or faded denim unless you want to look like you got in a fight with a bottle of Clorox.

Chanel Resort 2011 Courtesy of Style.com

Don’t worry, there is no need to throw out all of your denim skirts just yet. (Unless you own any of the aforementioned) There is a correct way to wear this fashion staple. Here is an easy look to start with.

Courtesy of Forever21.

This look is flowy, with a cute waistline, and shows just the right amount of leg without being to0 obscene. If you are feeling more high-fashion and want an updated look try the one pictured below.

Chris Benz Resort 2010 Courtesy of Style.com

This look offers a more classy version of denim, and dresses up the look. It resembles the traditional pencil skirt, and you can even wear it to work on casual Fridays!

We hope this puts a stop to these childish shenanigans. Remember, dress you’re age, not you’re shoe size.

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